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Chapel House is a UK-based, ILM and CMI accredited, professional training and consultancy organisation, with programmes, projects and packages running across the globe. It specialises in Organisational Design and Development consultancy services, personal, organisational and executive coaching & mentoring, and a range of organisational and leadership development training.

Founded in 2011 Chapel House has a broad range of sector and industry knowledge and specialism across the public, private and 3rd sectors and in organisations of any size from micro businesses to multi-nationals.

Chapel House delivers genuine expertise; the team are specialists in their field, with significant public and private sector experience. Our services are based on proven success models, established theory and research. We never apply a standard format; we tailor our services to meet your needs precisely. We pride ourselves on the use of innovative approaches to develop staff, leaders and organisations.

Imcon is proud to be a close partner of Chapel House, working together to contribute to their programme delivery, jointly developing new products in the leadership development and innovation arenas, and opening up new markets and verticals.

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