Our extensive experience has taught us that navigating the complex realities of the contemporary landscape – not least in the innovation arena – places stringent demands on leaders and requires particular leadership attributes and competencies. These cannot always be assumed, but so often are, and the impacts of their absence are keenly felt.

Imcon’s core service offerings can be readily combined and tailored to build leadership capacity across a wide variety of contexts ranging from commercial settings, through non-profit organisations, to national governments.

Our Leadership Development programmes, many offered in conjunction with our partner Chapel House Training and Consultancy, and in association with a number of UK and international universities, are designed to build the technical competencies needed to navigate this complex landscape.

Generic programmes are available to explore technical aspects such as strategic leadership, leading innovation, and entrepreneurial leadership, and these programmes can easily be made bespoke or tailored for specific industry verticals. All our programmes can be delivered remotely, on-site, or in hybrid fashion, and are supported by our own dedicated learning platform.

Technical competencies alone are, however, not sufficient to endow leaders with the nuanced attributes required of them. The pivotal contribution of the behavioural and attitudinal components of leadership is well-attested and our leadership coaching services are specifically designed to address these aspects. Whether addressed to individual leaders or applied to a leadership team, leadership coaching has been demonstrated to drive significant impact in leadership capacity and has a sizeable return-on-investment. Moreover, when combined with one of our leadership development components, the multiplier effect is substantial.

Many of our strategic advisory services are highly relevant to the innovation domain. For example, we have technical expertise in a number of relevant domains such as EdTech, digital healthcare, smart cities, and digital transformation, as well as substantial Board level and C-suite experience to advise on a wide range of strategic issues.

Our specialism in innovation enriches the capacity building offer by being able to directly translate existing leadership competencies and behaviours into the complexities of the innovation domain and to design interventions that drive change and add substantial leadership impact. In addition, our experience in crafting innovation policies and strategies, at national and institutional level, complemented by our knowledge of innovation ecosystems, enables us to fruitfully nurture innovation capacity in a wide variety of contexts.

What Our Clients Say

I have benefited tremendously from having Professor Keith Straughan as my personal coach. Having a portfolio career across economic consulting, government and academia I occasionally...
Competition Commissioner, Government, Southeast Asia
Keith has gone above anything I was expecting. I look forward to our sessions. He has helped me to face my leadership challenges more effectively....
Treasury Manager, Financial Services, Ireland
It was the first time to have an official tutor and I was very lucky to have picked Keith. He has been instrumental for my...
Vice President EMEA, MedTech, Spain
My coaching sessions with Keith have been undoubtedly one of the best investments I have made in my business. As a new small business owner,...
Managing Director, Marketing, UK
I had limited success with coaching prior to working with Prof. Straughan. My prior coaching engagements had been too rigid in format or too narrow...
Head of Product, FinTech, UK
Keith has been providing me with leadership coaching for approximately one year now. Prior to starting coaching, I was quite apprehensive and unsure of what...
Director, Climate, Switzerland

The ability to refine and tailor the core building blocks of the Imcon service offering allows us to easily craft and deliver a capacity building solution to suit most circumstances.

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