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The value of the Clifton Strengths in leadership development

Clifton Strengths, also known as StrengthsFinder, is a popular tool for personal and professional development. It is based on the idea that everyone has a unique combination of talents and strengths that can be used to achieve excellence and satisfaction in work and life. Clifton Strengths helps individuals identify their natural talents and learn how to leverage them for greater performance and happiness. But how can Clifton Strengths be used in executive coaching? In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits and applications of Clifton Strengths for leaders and managers.

Benefits of Clifton Strengths for executive coaching

Clifton Strengths can help executives and managers achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increase self-awareness and confidence: By discovering their unique talents and strengths, executives can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential. They can also recognise their areas of improvement and development, and seek feedback and support accordingly.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration: By learning about their own and others’ strengths, executives can communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with their peers, direct reports, and stakeholders. They can also leverage the diversity of strengths in their teams and foster a culture of appreciation and recognition.
  • Improve performance and productivity: By aligning their strengths with their goals and responsibilities, executives can optimise their time and energy, and focus on what they do best. They can also empower their teams to do the same and create a positive and engaging work environment.
  • Foster innovation and growth: By applying their strengths to new challenges and opportunities, executives can unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills. They can also encourage their teams to do the same and foster a culture of innovation and learning.

Applications of Clifton Strengths for executive coaching

Clifton Strengths can be used in a variety of ways in executive coaching, such as:

  • Assessment: Executives can take the online Clifton Strengths assessment to discover their top 5 or 34 talent themes. They can also receive a personalised report that describes their strengths in detail and provides insights and suggestions for action.
  • Coaching: Executives can work with a certified Clifton Strengths coach to explore their strengths in depth and to identify how they can apply them to their current and future roles. They can also receive guidance and support on how to overcome challenges and achieve their goals using their strengths.
  • Development: Executives can use various resources and tools to further develop their strengths, such as books, podcasts, webinars, courses, workshops, etc. They can also join online or offline communities of practice to share best practices and learn from other strength-based leaders.
  • Feedback: Executives can solicit feedback from others on how they use their strengths, and how they can improve them. They can also provide feedback to others on how they appreciate their strengths, and how they can support them.
  • Recognition: Executives can celebrate their own and others’ strengths and achievements, and acknowledge the contributions they make to the organisation. They can also recognise the strengths of their teams and develop/reward them accordingly.


I have grown to value Clifton Strengths a powerful tool in my own executive coaching practice. They can help leaders and managers discover, develop, and apply their natural talents for greater success and fulfilment and enhance their profile for their current or hoped-for leadership role.

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