I worked with Keith for around 6 months, embarking on the process with only a rough idea of what I hoped to gain from coaching. Despite having referred dozens of others for coaching, it was my first experience of working with an executive coach, so I was naturally curious to see how it would pan out. Our sessions each had a slightly different dynamic, ranging from the gently meandering and reflective to those of a much more practical nature. While I have not yet had the opportunity to fully assess how the insights I gained from my time working with Keith will show up in my professional life, I have already noticed that I feel more comfortable leaning in to the more strategic aspects of my role. I have also observed that when dealing with work-related frustrations, I am better able to contextualise and contain them as minor hurdles on a more clearly sketched out – and appealing – future career path than I felt I had previously, and I am therefore less likely to get distracted or derailed by such challenges. These changes are subtle but significant, and I am incredibly grateful to Keith for his gentle yet deliberate guidance to enable this old dog to learn a few new tricks!

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