Keith has been providing me with leadership coaching for approximately one year now. Prior to starting coaching, I was quite apprehensive and unsure of what to expect: I wasn’t entirely sure what leadership coaching entailed, how it differed from mentorship, or how any of this could help me develop in the ways that I desired. From the first session, Keith put me at ease. With his laid-back, amiable manner and astute intellect, I found it both easy and hugely engaging to talk with him. Keith addressed all of my concerns and helped me to understand how I could get the most out of our sessions together. Early on, we initiated a 360-feedback survey with my colleagues, and Keith helped me in interpreting the results of this and in identifying my foremost strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Since then, throughout our sessions, Keith has provided me with invaluable guidance on how I can improve myself. The insights that he draws through careful and considered analysis of the real work situations in which I find myself have helped me overcome many of the challenges that I have encountered and learn from those experiences. Over time, we referred less frequently back to those 360 outcomes, and our sessions became more dynamic and unstructured: they would often be driven by a scenario that I may have encountered at work or a particular topic that he or I were interested in exploring that particular session. For me, this worked very well as I prefer this more flexible way of working. I’m sure that for others, more structure and continual focus may be preferable or even necessary, and I’m confident that Keith would recognize this and adapt accordingly, as he did with me. Keith has a real depth of knowledge in the area of strategic leadership, as evidenced by his laudable ability to link his insights and expositions to theories outlined in books and articles written in the field; Keith is never without a book recommendation. He is also an exceptionally strong communicator, able to describe leadership theories and concepts in a readily digestible and actionable manner. As someone who likes to understand the theory behind the practice but lacks any prior management or business training, I have found these twin talents to be incredibly valuable in helping me gain the most from these sessions. Towards the end of our year together, I was struggling with a particularly challenging situation at work. I found Keith’s support during this period to be invaluable. He was always available and willing to talk things through with me, and I greatly appreciated his insights and dedication to helping me during this period. Overall, Keith has been a crucial part of my personal and professional growth over the past year, and I am deeply grateful for his guidance and support

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