Colourless green ideas sleep furiously

The somewhat bizarre title of this post is a quote from the influential linguistics professor, Noam Chomsky, in his 1957 book “Syntactic Structures”. In the book, he presented this sentence as an example of a grammatically well-formed but semantically nonsensical sentence. He used it to illustrate the distinction between syntax and semantics, two key components […]

Making the 5Cs real

Making the 5Cs Real

In my post on 1 Aug 2022, I summarised my wide-ranging conversation on Heath Gascoigne’s podcast addressing the many challenges of successful business transformation programmes. It will come as no surprise to most of the organisations and their people undergoing the transformation, that a failure to pay proper attention to the people and culture dimensions […]

Unlocking Growth through Innovation: The Role of a Strategic Advisor

Making the 5Cs Real

In the fast-paced contemporary business landscape, companies must continuously innovate to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition. Navigating the complexities of innovation requires strategic insight and innovation expertise. A strategic advisor can play a pivotal role in helping businesses harness the power of innovation to foster growth. Strategic Vision and Roadmap A strategic […]

Business transformation – addressing the people gap

Innovation has long been a passion of mine. Stemming possibly, from the childhood urges to take things apart – and occasionally being able to put them together again, still functioning – I have always been driven by a desire to imagine and re-imagine. To understand things and then to conceive of them afresh. Of course, […]

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