Colourless green ideas sleep furiously

The somewhat bizarre title of this post is a quote from the influential linguistics professor, Noam Chomsky, in his 1957 book “Syntactic Structures”. In the book, he presented this sentence as an example of a grammatically well-formed but semantically nonsensical sentence. He used it to illustrate the distinction between syntax and semantics, two key components […]

Anxiety – a leadership birth pang?

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on anxiety – its antecedents, its presentation, its impacts. It is perhaps not surprising. I don’t feel particularly anxious – at least not at a conscious level. But it is ‘in the air’. Be it the insidious impacts of a struggling economy, the sense of impending doom from escalating […]

When in Rome …

I’m very fortunate to be writing this in Italy in the beautiful and ancient city of Rome. Anyone who has ever had the joyful opportunity to visit this place will comment on its inspiring atmosphere, it’s ability to link the old with the new, to transcend the centuries. Being here at Easter makes this all […]

How do I show up?

I’ve been reflecting a lot with colleagues and clients in recent months about the challenges of capacity building in leadership, not least in the VUCA-dominated, fast-paced world of the emerging digital leader. The particularities of the leadership challenges faced by – and, therefore, capabilities required of – digital leaders are worthy of a more detailed […]

The habit of excellence

In our fast-paced, driven, and demanding work environment, the innate desire to succeed (present in many of us) can find heightened expression. Often this can manifest serious consequences for wellbeing. ‘Try harder’ becomes the self-imposed, if not externally driven, mantra. To an extent this is reasonable and appropriate. To an extent! However, it begs many […]

I’ve been thinking …

My daughter knows me well. She has learned that a failproof way to thrill me – and keep me quiet – at any celebration is through the gift of a book – a real, physical book. Christmas 2023 was no exception. Among other books, I was fortunate to be given by her Daniel Dennett’s latest […]

The executive backhand

In an imaginative, if rash, moment I took up tennis again recently after more years away from the court than I dare to admit. It has been simultaneously a delight and an irritant, humbling and encouraging, a time of growth and a time of deep frustration. Perhaps I’m not alone in my love-hate relationship with […]

Work is love made visible

The famous quote “work is love made visible” from the Lebanese poet Kahil Gilbran is often quoted and often misunderstood. It is so often equated with the woolly and fluffy ‘soft skills’ which sound and feel ‘nice’ but which don’t drive impact. This is a fallacy. As intentional a body as the World Economic Forum […]

The Role of Executive Coaching in Fostering Business Innovation

innovation consulting

In the rapidly evolving contemporary business landscape staying ahead of the competition and driving innovation has become more critical than ever. To navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in this dynamic environment, businesses need visionary leaders who can foster a culture of innovation. Executive coaching has long been recognised as a powerful tool to develop […]

Book Review: “Creating the Reflective Habit” by Michelle Lucas

Enhance your leadership development

Creating the Reflective Habit is a practical guide for coaches, mentors, and leaders. Although the title positions it primarily for professional coaches, it is accessible, relevant, and impactful for any leaders who want to develop their self-awareness and learning skills. The author, Michelle Lucas, is a highly experienced coach and coach supervisor who has been […]

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